Participation sign-up deadline 19th April

Lots of Charter Quay property owners have already signed the participation agreement to take part in the purchase of the head lease. For the few remaining the deadline of the 19th April is fast approaching.

A number of owners have also registered their interest to become an investor in any left over shares. The 19th of April deadline is to ensure that the full purchase price of the site is raised in time and the purchase from the current head lease owner can proceed without a hitch.

If you have decided not to purchase your share - please tell the CQRA and they will stop chasing you.

If you are still undecided - please talk to the CQRA. 

Remember, if you don't buy your A share now, you will always be able to buy it at some point in the future -  but it will cost you more.

For more details check out the email sent to all CQRA owners on 5th April.

Participation Agreements Received: The Results.

As of  5PM today the final numbers are: signed agreements 219, 3 forms in transit, agreement to buy additional shares 38. We needed a commitment of 243 we have achieved a commitment of 260.

The next step is for the LVT at a hearing on the 8th May to decide upon a value per share - unless the Landlord agrees to our offer in the meantime. We will provide details of the time and location of the hearing for those wishing to attend. We plan to update live from the hearing.

17:14 ,19 April 2013

Update provided on progress

Great news, with only 6 hours left before the deadline, we have passed the 100% commitment mark. We have  206 [update  214] flats committing to take part in the purchase and another 8 forms due before the 5PM deadline AND 38 owners asking to buy additional shares. In total that means we have funding  agreed  for 260 properties, we only have 243 properties!       [updated 10:26 19/4].