We are all professional, quasi professional and articulate. It's good to know.

An amazing LVT case has just been completed led by 94 year old Mr Matthews who lives in a retirement property in Rye Sussex. He was helped out by his expert team including 80 plus year old Mr White. We mention it here becasue Charter Quay gets an honourable mention by no less an authority than Peverel!. The full case can be read here

These valiant pensioners took on the might of the Peverel legal team and quoted the last Charter Quay LVT decision regarding insurance commissions. Mr Matthews argued his insurance commissions should be lower giving Charter Quay as an example where the LVT had reduced the charges.

Peverel claimed they needed to do more work for Mr Matthews and his fellow pensioners because they felt Charter Quay has much younger residents who are “Professional quasi professional and articulate” (we appear at the end of para 18 of the decision). 

As a “quasi professional team” were able to reduce our insurance commissions to 10%. The LVT did not agree with Peverel's arguments and Mr Matthews had his insurance commissions reduced to 0%. This is a stunning result.

Mr Matthews and team, we salute you, you are true professionals.

The term “quasi” is becoming popular of late. At our last hearing the Tribunal described the Tchenguiz company structure as “quasi biblical” and now Peverel thinks we at Charter Quay are “quasi professional”. 
The CQRA LVT team would never think of accusing Peverel, its solicitors or its barristers of being "quasi professional".

Story sourced from the LKP web site

29 June 2012