Flood prevention update

Following on from recent floods, measures have been taken to further protect Charter Quay and a watertight door has been fitted to the river side access to Garricks House car park.

The door has been described as "substantial"

Marek reviews flood prevention measures with new Charter Quay board member responsible for riparian issues. 

Following on from the floods

Although the recent flooding of the Thames has been devastating for many and will take months of clearing up, Charter Quay has not been affected. 

The situation was  monitored constantly by the staff.  Fortunately the preventative measures undertaken by the maintenance team were not needed.

Residents who kindly moved their cars at the height of the flood will be pleased to know that a water tight door has now been ordered for the river side emergency exit from Garricks car park. 

This should avoid the possibility of a similar risk in future.  Other longer term measures are also being considered.

Because water levels are likely to remain high for some time, the situation will continue to be monitored.

With thanks to Marek and his team for their diligence.

Brian Cheetham - CQRA Director - Buildings

Internal Re-decorations nearly done

All the blocks at Charter Quay have now been redecorated internally. We will see the decorators for another one or two weeks as they complete touch up work.

Marek and his team on behalf of the residents would like to thank them for their hard work.

Risk of Flooding - warning notice UPDATE

The situation continues to be monitored and a degree of risk remains. If in doubt please check with the concierge.

Dear Residents, (10th Feb)

The Environment Agency is currently unable to tell us how much further they expect the river will rise. There is a potential risk of flooding in our Garricks House car park and as a precaution I would advise residents to consider parking elsewhere from late this evening until late Sunday evening.

The nearest alternative car park is: The Rose Car Park, The Bittoms.

Marek Szczytko
Concierge Manager

(last update: 14.02.2014, please check the links below)


Lift door.jpg

Lift Maintenance

As the part of scheduled maintenance works, Crown Lifts have now finished maintenance and upgrade works on all the lifts at Charter Quay. All the lifts were re-roped {ED: thats the technical term, really they are steel cables) and fitted with additional safety strips which prevent the lift doors from closing on passengers.

Enjoy the ride! 
Marek Szczytko
Concierge Manager

roof terrace cleaning.JPG

Preparing for Summer

The maintenance team have started to prepare for the summer months when residents take advantage of Charter Quay roof terraces. Here is the difference Ted is making to the terrace on Ravens House

Check Jan updates above: lift maintenance, xmas tree disposal & decorating work

Report the good stuff (update 15/1/14)

The online reporting of issues and things which are broken has been a big success. It has helped to alert the concierge and maintenance teams of things that need fixing and the board of directors and estate manager can track progress and spot trends. We do go through a lot of light bulbs!

We now have a new report so that you can tell us what or who is great. Let us know who needs congratulating or simply saying thank you. We hope it will be as well used as this is broken.

UPDATE 12/12/13: great feedback on the politeness, efficiency and helpfulness of the concierge, how amazing the piazza looks after steam cleaning, and outsiders say they have seen a big change in the reception they receive when working at Charter Quay - they now like coming here!

UPDATE 14/1/14: staff are really helpful and positive, no matter what the weather!

UPDATE 51/1/14: "I posted a couple of issues on Monday and the problem with the door on a bin store was being rectified the same day."

If you have some great feedback then please use the This is Great button.

Have you tried out the new gym equipment?

The new cross trainer and running machine are commercial gym standard. Great for getting into shape after Christmas.


Clean sweep 

Check out our new cleaning of the piazza and pathways. Article

OS Weather 1.jpg

What's the Weather Like Today? 

Living at Charter Quay with its fabulous views can bring out an interest in the weather. And now there is a way of obtaining real time weather updates If you have a smart phone (IOS or Android), download the free OS Weather app and connect to Charter Quay weather. Note that longer term we want to have a direct link to here on our website. The techies are scratching their heads on how to make it happen. Let us know what you think email

 "actually you guys didn't need my help because you were so brilliant.....so good I almost felt sorry for the Tchenguiz brothers". Ed Davey MP Secretary of State

 "actually you guys didn't need my help because you were so brilliant.....so good I almost felt sorry for the Tchenguiz brothers". Ed Davey MP Secretary of State

12th July, Charter Quay Celebrates Independence.

Photos from independence day.


Video and article from Leasehold Knowledge Partnership


The impact on prices of the CQRA fight, by Andrew Pollard. MD Stack and Bonner.


Mail Online: Flat owners who humbled property king. Richard Kay


Flag Return: please return any "borrowed" flags to the concierge for storage and re-use next year when we will be celebrating again and we plan to have more than 200 flags.


Faster issue reporting

 This is Broken our new system for reporting issues to concierge is live on our website. The system automatically records the things you wish to report, enabling both faster resolution and tracking of any long term trends. 
Anything which is urgent we recommend you still give concierge a call (although based on latest tests we can confirm the system is darned fast!).





Congratulations. from Sir Peter

Sir Peter Bottomley MP says:    “I congratulate the residents and leaseholders at Charter Quay. ...... see full quote



New Service updates 

Marek (CharterQuay Development Manager) provides advance notice of scheduled work which might affect residents, use the monthly links above or check out the archive.

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