Telephone and broadband services

Connections to the standard telephone network (through BT or another provider) are provided in each apartment. In some cases, a network has been installed which provides two connections in each room; these use RJ45 connectors rather than standard telephone sockets. You will need to purchase adaptors to connect standard telephones (search online for ‘telephone to RJ45 adaptor’).

Every apartment in Charter Quay has access to a 1Gb broadband service supplied by Hyperoptic. You are of course free to choose an alternative supplier using the older (BT) cabled network. However, some parts of the site are heavily restricted on the speeds available through this system. We do therefore recommend that you thoroughly research any alternative installations in advance before signing up.

Network providers using the older (BT) cabling in Garricks House and the Theatre Block appear to to offer a reasonably fast service, although speeds higher than 80Mb have not yet been reported to us.

Speed performance across the rest of the site using the older cabling (based on feedback from residents) appears to be relatively poor. Reported speeds average about 8mb download, and a pretty sluggish 2Mb upload. If your experience is different, please do let us know.

How fast is your connection?
It would be useful to maintain an accurate picture of speeds across the site, so why not test your connection and send us the results. To provide consistency please use the following site: and remember that tests over a WiFi connection are unlikely to utilise the full speeds available if you're using a 100Mb or 1Gb service. We therefore recommend connecting your computer to the router with a cable if you have one.

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